Founded in 1993, GBHP Medical Services has been providing services to practices in behavioral health, pediatrics, OBGYN, ENT and primary care. Our experience expands beyond revenue cycle management, GBHP Medical Services can contribute to improving the way you manage your organization. We understand patient care and the key drivers to improve it. We measure results and contribute to a better experience.

Practices working with us have been able to improve key metrics by 20% resulting in happier patients, return visits and a more profitable organization.


Revenue Cycle Management

GBHP Medical Services will improve your processes to assure the revenue that your practice generates comes to the practice as fast and efficiently as possible. We will guide you through the coding process as well as train your personal to gather right information at the point of contact.

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Medical Provider Credentialing

Credentialing is a major component to run the practice effectively. This process will determine how your providers appear in the insurance panels and what compensation they will be entitled to by the insurance companies. Experts can make or break the start of a

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Payer Contracting Negotiations

Negotiating your contracts with the insurance companies can add between 10-30 percent to your bottom line. This will automatically improve the profitability of the practice. GBHP Medical Services will renegotiates for you during contract renewals and uses leverage points to maximize normal contract terms.

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Schedule Management

If you are like most of the practice we work with the constant ring of the phones is a major problem for you. GBHP Medical Service has develop a proprietary system to ensure that your schedule is managed effectively while improving customer service, and reducing the number of calls your personnel needs to handle.

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